Sunday, 7 April 2013

Hel’s Journey 03—Who can predict when inspiration intrudes?

Well, who’d have thought it, another post on a theme and I still haven’t written a word of story. It’s amazing what pops into the head when washing the dishes. In my last post, only hours ago, I mentioned I had thought of introducing the Gryphon into fantasy writing but it just didn’t feel right. Well, I’m here to tell you I’ve changed my mind.

Why? Imagine a six-week-old lion cub with wings and claws; just how much fun could a writer have with that image? Especially in a story filled with themes that are for the most part dark and disturbing. So, the prize everyone wants is the Gryphon throne of, well, that’s something else to be decided.

However, in developing the milieu for my story, I now have to go back a thousand years to a time when what was fact then, has now become legend and myth. No one in the present setting of the story has ever seen a Gryphon, and most regard such creatures as mythical and fantastical. But the point is this: the legend states that the true heir to the Gryphon throne will journey into the wilderness where they will be chosen by an orphaned gryphon cub, each destined to protect the other. That makes one more complication for Heloise to deal with when I get around to actually crafting her story.

Yes, I know, it sounds corny, but myth and legend always do to outsiders. More grist for the writing mill that will give added depth and complexity to a story that is unfolding before our eyes. Yes, I can tick this particular problem off my to do list, but I now have to write this myth as well as the history I’ve already outlined. It could turn out to be a long winter.

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  1. While I could understand the initial reluctance for a griffin (however you style it), I liked it when first mentioned. That may be due to knowing a gentleman whose family name was Griffin, however.

    My question is, who's controlling things so that when the girl falls into womanhood and becomes either the heiress or the pretender, a griffin cub is born (created? I don't know the genealogy of griffins) at the correct time to meet her when she wanders the forest?

    And then, when they meet, will the girl keep the cub, or the cub keep the girl? Or perhaps, have her for lunch?

    If I didn't love it, these wouldn't bother me.